Michael Isaak reveals his bright new single, "hey boy"

Hailing all the way from Los Angeles, CA is Michael Isaak, and today he has revealed his bright new single, "hey boy". The new cut is the first since he broke past the 75k stream mark on Spotify and is another step in the right direction for this charming singer-songwriter. 

... dream-pop meets folk music, done how it should be - with heart and soul.

Speaking about the song Michael mentions - "Written as a love letter to my younger self, "hey boy" is an ode to personal growth, resilience, and the enduring power of self-love, evoking the universal experience of growing up and finding one’s path."

"hey boy" opens with a smooth guitar backed on ambient noises of children playing in a playground giving the listener that image of looking back in time upon their childhood. As soon as Isaak's vocals roll in the track takes on more body and can easily fill up even the largest of rooms with his soothing tones.

As the track progresses there are more layers added, reverb-drenched guitars and slight psych tones even too, and when the track starts to wind down it feels almost like a Dire Straights B-side with how captivating the instrumentation is., perfectly ending the track on two words every human loves, "love you".