Track of the day... Young Legionnaire - Iron Dream

Young Legionnaire are properly a band now, they have a official release Colossus/Iron Dream!

The release will be on Holy Roar Records and the 7" will cost £3.99 in either yellow or brown. Or if you are a little bit crazy (like me) you will buy 3 of them for £10, it comes with the download of the songs as soon as you have bought it.

Right... the track. Starts off similar to Colossus a instrumental opening with a sudden burst of vocals, the production really good and brings the song to life. You can easily hear each member of the band playing their respected instrument, Paul's vocals are really good on this song and it does feel a bit more radio friendly than the last offering (the free download). Towards the end it picks up speed after the chorus has a drop. The guitar around the 1.50min mark somehow reminds me of Little Thoughts by Bloc Party, maybe a influence Gordon has put upon them? Or just a coincidence.

With a common love of riffs/noise, it seems only natural that after paving the indie/electro wave for Gordon, and Paul honing his pop sensibilities in The Automatic, they would both enjoy a chance to rock out at ultra-volume. The band, completed by drummer William Bowerman (Brontide/ex-Iwasacubscout/La Roux), will be releasing their first 7inch on Holy Roar

This has constantly been around my ears since I have had it on my PC. Seriously, buy it, download it, don't steal music.

[BUY] - Young Legionnaire - Colossus/Iron Dream