Here I interview Mr Buzz Allen from Mr Twist, you will see why they will be one to look out for a post with a album review/track by track review soon! Anyway here we go.

What would you describe your music as?
An exciting and dynamic sound, full of catchy three-part vocal harmonies, driving rhythms, crunching guitars and bouncy riffs.

What would be the bands major influences?
In terms of bands we all have a love for most classic rock from the 70's but also Stevie Wonder, Jeff Buckley, RATM, Nirvana. We’re all into bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, through to the Police, Foo Fighters and Guns N Roses, all via The Manics, Stereophonics, the mighty Queens of the Stone Age and Biffy Clyro!

How did you get the demo to such a prolific producer?
Our lead vocalist, Gaz, had done a session for someone at Magic Garden a few years back. So he gave Gavin a ring to ask if we could send him some demos. Gavin got straight back saying he'd love to work on our album with us! It was great! A really great experience. Gav is a proper legend!

How long have you guys been together?
The band came together back in London in 2008 when Gaz Twist (vox, guitar) gathered Manx guitarist Ben Dunderdale (vox, guitar), rhythm-section Buzz Allan (vox, drums) and Phil Flaherty (bass), with the simple plan of writing some cracking songs and having fun. The initial line-up incorporated a keyboards and electronica, which quickly changed shape and evolved into the harder guitar-based sound that has since defined the band.

What band would you like to support the most?
May we have a few? It's between Iron Maiden, Queens of the stone age, Biffy Clyro and the Foo fighters. Any of those would be utterly spectacular!!

What is the most well known band you have supported so far?
Three of us did an acoustic blues set of Ben's tunes supporting KT Tunstall on the Isle of Man. We had a few alcohol fueled days over there and aside from sore livers had a really great time!! Her band are really good guys and incredible musicians. Great show.

Any plans for single releases?
Yeah! Our first single is out on Smashed Records on the 26th of July. It's call 'I come round again' and is track one off the album. It'll be available to download from the usual places. We're having a launch gig at the Purple Turtle on the 21st to celebrate.

Hmm, ok then, would there be any demos/new bsides surfacing with the new single release?
Not for the first release, but we are hoping to put out something extra with the next couple. Maybe a cover, or a video or live performance from a gig. Just something extra!

(and finally), what would be your 'Track of the day'?
My track for today is 'Walk with me' by a band called The Hall of Mirrors. Had them on all day!! Brilliant psychedelic pop.

My thanks for Buzz for this, keep any eye out for 'Mr Twist' with their selft-titled debut album coming out soon!