It's All Indie Spotlight: Chrome Rainbow

Chrome Rainbow are from Nottingham, UK and they list themselves as Alternative-Electro, also they have influences from Foals, Dananananaykroyd, Errors, Three Trapped Tigers, These New Puritains, Good Shoes, Tubelord, Vampire Weekend, Tall Ships, We Have Band, and many more! Chrome Rainbow formed in the autumn of 2009 and are Ronan Charlton (Synth/Samples) Callum Ballard (Guitar/Keyboard) Callum McIntosh (Bass/Drums).

I have been sent very rough demos but you can tell that they can polish them up and make them into some chilling electro tunes. I gave 'Swords' a listen to and at the beginning sounds like electro coming from the depths of the night-time, distortion and synths play a big part in this with the melody coming from the solo guitar. Around the two minute mark it sounds a bit like a foals remix! Much of the same can't be said of 'Skarooven Blues', it too starts off with a dark synth but then follows a more guitar based song, and this does sound better I have to admit! The vocals are a tad too quiet for me but it's only a demo so they can be forgiven for it, and once again this does sound like a foals remix, good stuff here! I am adding 'Skarooven Blues' to my July Mixtape but I can assume you won't wait for that so below are a few links!

Chrome Rainbow - Swords
Chrome Rainbow - Skarooven Blues