EP Review... Francesqa - We Lived

OK so this may be a bit on the Rock side of the Indie, but they are on a independent label and remember "It's All Indie" so they can be reviewed yeah! Oxfordshire based quintet Francesqa have a knack for melodic rock and thundering choruses that verge on the anthemic theme tune we all crave.

This enticing track much like the rest of the EP is full of hooks and melodies to make even the most boring person feel special when listening to this song! Even after the cracking opener, it doesn’t stop there. The intro sets off the mode of the track straight away with lovely effects on the guitar that makes you believe that this band is brilliant. And when the chorus hits in you are not disappointed! It drops back to the calmer side of the track before going back into that intoxicating chorus and after another verse and bridge finally ending in a brilliant drop!
Out of 10: 9/10

Same as Ghosts, the song is full of guitar hooks and stunning riffs, but this track seems to be more vocal based as there isn't 10 seconds without him not singing. Which is good! Shows he as a big lung, especially when the bridge comes in around the 3 minute mark. Just superb! It is a perfect catchy pop tunes with that genuine rock edge making you come back down to the ground!
Out of 10: 9/10

The longest track here and is the centrepiece of the EP, and they show their true calling here, you can’t help but move along to the gentle hooks and harmonies that sweep you off your feet. Once again you get a build up with the awesome guitar play then you get hit with its bursting choruses. With each listen of the record, you fall more in love with the beautiful song that is Years.
Out of 10: 9/10

Crooked Little Sun:
After that lovely detour you are brought back down to earth with an amazing intro bringing you back to life! They constantly slam walls of sound and tumbling, backing vocals through your speakers. Each time they cycle back around for another battering assault. This track personifies that with the whole thing being what the EP is all about! The chorus filled with the singer bringing you to life, the bridge with gentle guitars then the verses with the riffy hooks that have made me love this record!
Out of 10: 9/10

We Lived:
The title track of the record, it is completely drenched with voices all singing "we lived, we lived" they change their take on the EP here and give a thick bassline time to shine. This is indeed an overpowering, drama-drenched finale. I mean the calm vocals with atmospheric guitars, more singing and crescendos that will knock you to the floor. It closes the EP perfectly!
Out of 10: 10/10

Francesqa - We Lived EP
Out of 10: 9.2/10

Francesqa have achieved so much in the past year, but their sound isn't anything new but it's certainly one that is admirable. I would recommend this to anyone who loved guitars! Something for everyone here!

Francesqa - We Lived EP
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