Its All Indie Spotlight: Malenky Slovos

I welcome with open arms to Italia! The nation that has brought us Pizza, Ferrari and Monza has now given us a band from La Spezia that would like to get known. Malenky Slovos was created in 2007, in La Spezia, Italy with the intent of refusing to stick to a certain genre, while letting the sound of the band define itself by the styles and influences of the members.

They write english lyrics so they don't come over as another foreign band that we can't understand but one that brings us tracks such as 'Waiting For Dawn' with its mellow sound and smooth vocals, and 'Sushi' with its cracking hazy guitar filled chorus! They've just completed a 6 tracks EP (Antiquambience) and are currently working on an upcoming full album, while playing live their original tracks and covers of Bowie, Eno, Radiohead, Sonic Youth and more.

[MYSAPCE] - Italian
Malenky Slovos - Antiquambience EP