Band Review... Wave Machines

Wave Machines, are not the ones that one can find in a local recordshop, but an electro-pop four piece from Liverpool. With such an interesting name, their songs are equivalently interesting.

‘I Go I Go I Go’ has an extremely eye-catching name, also an ear-catching chorus. The bass on ‘I Go I Go I Go’ is very fun and so is the drum. The hand-claps in the middle of the song lives up the song even more. ‘Punk Spirit’ starts off with guitar strums and lyrics about guitars, moves on with a chorus about ‘punk spirit’ then all the other instruments join in daintily. ‘Keep The Lights On’ is rather bouncy and has such strong beats. ‘Keep’ also has a retro sound, which reminds me of a few 80s songs.

One rather similar song, ‘The Greatest Escape We Ever Made’ might be more easy-listening compared to ‘Keep’. The chorus talks about self-made paper telephones and the greatest escape. Not to mention the music video consisting of cut outs of the band members.‘Laugh It All Away’ is a track which is not on their début album (‘Wave If You’re Really There). ‘Laugh’ has a dreamy intro, as if Wave Machines were taking you on a journey. It’s also more experimental, the sound differs from most of the tracks on their début.If you like subtle electro-pop, Wave Machines are for you.

Wave Machines - Like Breaking Glass - MP3

Reviewed by guest contributor: Coco Wong