Local Bands... The Friday Nights

The Friday Nights is my second band to feature in the Local Band section, they are based in Bedfordshire, although they tend to in north London, Milton Keynes and St Albans. I'd say their genre would be Alternative-Rock/Alternative-Indie, so expect something new!

I have been sent two tracks, their names are 'A Certain Ratio' and 'One In Ten'

'A Certain Ratio' is a very catchy track that has a sense of urgency about it. This track wills you to listen right until the very last note. The brilliant guitar strumming and superb vocals make this track for me. And towards the end of the track you can hear the effort they all put into this track!

'One In Ten' is also a catchy track due to the brit-pop sound they reincarnate. Their riffs and lyrical brilliance is just superb. You can tell they put time and effort into all of their tracks as this one is just as good as the one before!

The Friday Nights - A Certain Ratio - FREE MP3
The Friday Nights - One In Ten - FREE MP3