It's All Indie: Top 20 - #10

Things I Never Told You - Happiness

With being on tour with Kele (from Bloc Party) in July this year this 3 piece band has created quite a stir, their catchy songs have transformed them from 'some support act' into something bigger! Loads of people now love what they heard and want more.

Easily my favourite track by these guys. On the mp3 it is like the bass is terrific, you can feel it when you whack your speakers up rippling through your bones, and vibrating through your cheecks, the vocals are sung from the heart as you can tell he cares about his music. Now live, imagine you intensify this, it is just brilliant to see a act who is able to create such a wonderful track and still be unsigned... so far!

Things I Never Told You - Happiness (Demo)