Ones to watch: 2011, Neon Index

SO, with a year almost whizzing by here I am, the forefront of the blogging world predicting the bands that will impact on the 2011 musical scene. I have a true delight here for you. Neon Index, from around the Bedford/Shefford area of the country (Bedfordshire) they create Alternative/Math/Tropical/Indie music that any Foals fan would love!

I first stumbled upon them by a follower of It's All Indie on facebook contacted be about Kilto Take (see last Ones to watch post), and the lad who got in touch with me was Will Crosby. He has a band that him and three other friends play in. I thought if I believe what he says about his band I'd like them. Then they played the It's All Indie Showcase in November, I LOVED IT!

This band have a lot of attitude on stage and the perfect singing of Lana, Awesome guitar skills of Will, throbbing bass of Chris and the brilliant skills of Alex the drummer (keeping everyone in time) creates this wonderful band with a waft of Foals about them, probably due to Will being a big fan of Yannis and the effects he uses whilst playing live... Will that is.

They have two tracks on their myspace and you SHOULD check them out as they are hopefully going to record some more songs and play a lot more local gigs. Already creating quite a stir amongst their peers they should be a one to watch in 2011 as their profile will grow as they mature. Oh did I mention they are still teenagers? Watch out, they have talent, and they are young, can get better? YES! Here is to 2011 and some interesting happenings over at Neon Index.

Neon Index - Fallen Empries - Via MySpace
Neon Index - Renegades - Via MySpace