Interview... with Flexability

Flexabilty have been on my radar for about 6 months now. Here I chat to Nick (Lead singer and guitarist) about his band and more!

Hello Nick, what would you say are your biggest influences while writing songs?
Hey Fred

We all have lots of different influences, from The Beatles to Bombay Bicycle Club, however, we try and create songs that are catchy but also mean something to us. We will spend hours talking about lyrics, deciding if they will fit. It can get pretty hectic sometimes, but in the end, it all seems to come together. In some twisted, idealistic fashion.

How long have Flexability been playing together, and so far what has been your favourite gig that you have played?
Flexability was formed as a joke really, in 2007, but then Jake and I decided we really wanted to pursue this, so we got Tom and Chris on board to complete the line-up. Our best and most favourite gig to date, would have to be Guilfest 2010. The whole tent was packed out for our set, which was amazing. When we came off stage we were buzzing so hard, Chris wet his pants a little bit.

Best venue you have played at?
The best venue we've played at? We'd say the O2 Academy Islington. It was a big crowd, we were all so nervous, but was such a good venue to play at. Loved every minute of it.

Who is the best act you have supported or have been supported by?
We have been really lucky when it comes to supporting bands, we have supported bands like Sketches, Ideals, Whats Your Vice, This Boy Wonders and many more. These bands may not be massive yet, but they will be. Was a pleasure sharing a stage with them.

Of 2010 what has been your favourite release?
Our favourite release of 2010 was Little Comets 'Isles'. Such a great song, also we all love Two Door Cinema Club, and in particular their song 'Do you want it all'. Both great bands, which we definitely look up to.

And finally, Flexability keep on growing, will 2011 be the year you get signed?
We hope 2011 brings us more fans and more songs, and we really want to just keep on writing, and gain a bigger following. We hope this is our year to be signed, but at the moment we are happy where we are. The right time will come for that. We are all quite patient people so that helps!

We've had such a great 2010, played with so many cool bands, all we ask is that we can keep on doing that. Peace.
Flexability - Waves