Track of the week... The Cads - Skin

The Cads are from Ipswich and play upbeat Indie music, they formed in September 2009, by October they were Huw Stephens 'Tip of the Week' on BBC Radio One, which in itself cements their future as a band to look out for. Huw Stephens always finds the bands before they are big so watch out! They sound like a cross between Friendly Fires and Foals. The fast drumming like Foals, the tingly guitar like Jimmy from Foals and the rest sounds like they have been sharing ideas with Friendly Fires. Mash it in to a paste and put it all back together and you will find The Cads. Perfectly placed vocals, tidy guitar strumming, the drumming sounds so effortless but at the same time you wonder how much his arms ache keeping up with the fast temp of the song, and the bassist does a very good job keeping up and getting those throbbing beats rippling through you throughout the song!

In 2010 they have been recording new songs, playing lots of shows, and the ones that probably stand out. They played Latitude festival and two months after toured Germany playing sold out shows of up to 550 people, with Darwin Deez. So if you are German and have seen Darwin Deez play you will recognise them! Since then they have been writing and are ready to record their new single which will be out soon.

So keep an eye out for them in 2011, they plan to head back to Germany, play lots more shows in the UK and hope to get into some UK festivals for the summer.


The Cads - Skin
The Cads - Lanterns