Pilots - By Fred Bambridge

Out of the London metropolis is a fresh new band, they call themselves Pilot. They are 5 guys who create gentle Indie-Rock that appeals to everyone who enjoys music made with guitars. You can hear bit of every band we love and they sound like they have a promising future.

The track I heard that inspired me to have a little write up is called 'How Far Did I Run', and if you give it a listen below you can understand why I think they can become so much bigger than a small unsigned band with less then 200 'likes' on facebook. The harmonious vocals are so crisp, warm bass and smooth guitars. This track has produced brilliantly, I have been informed it was Ant West (of Futures) and he has done it has done a wonderful job!

This band is one band of many that have set their sights on becoming big, and if they continue on the lines of this song they are a sure thing.

How Far Did I Run by officialpilots


Pilots - The Minister (Live Session)