Single Review... Morning Parade - A&E

Morning Parade, a band from Harlow and from their press releases they clearly have ambitions to take over the world.

A&E is a collision of Dance, Rock and Indie hooks, it’s a pacey song and clearly lead singer Steve Sparrow loves this song as it involves shredding his guitar, singing at to a high degree, not forgetting Chads guitar powering trough too and Phils bass throbbing away. But this song would be incomplete without the pulsating Keys of Ben and the amazing drum skills of Andy. The whole song is just a orgy of perfection as you can easily see why EMI snapped them up!
Out of 10: 9/10

Marble Attic:
This track is why I got into them, it just illuminated them up to me and provided one of the best surprises I had in 2010. A swooping guitar enters and you are treated to 30 seconds of bliss. Then it drops and Steve enters and sings a cryptic verse.

"Step into the unknown
With the nightmares creeping in
At the bottom of the ocean
You keep looking back, you keep looking back, take a look at yourself"
They always provide brilliant music, regardless if it is a B-Side or not, they want to create tracks for tens of thousands of people to dance to and go crazy, and I am sure they will do that!
Out of 10: 9/10

A&E by morningparade

Morning Parade - A&E
Out of 10: 9/10


By - Fred Bambridge