EP Review... Jeffrey Kino – Steady Sole

After the split of ‘Klaus’ last year many people have been waiting for the next project from the Kent based artist whom early this year received critical acclaim from James Blake, and here it is ‘Jeffrey Kino’ with a brand new four track Ep ‘Steady Sole’ the Ep incorporates an altogether more electronic feel including harp and piano, the combination of which provides a refreshingly original sound. The tracks have an up beated summer feel to them which is one which everyone will appreciate.

Broken Faces (Give Up):
‘Steady Sole’ starts with ‘Broken Faces (Give Up)’ a slow melodic song which highlights the heartfelt lyrics which are contained in each song, it also shows the vocal brilliance that many fans loved about ‘Klaus’ and the fact that it is so spellbinding to listen too.
Out of 10: 9/10

The next Song ‘Heartbeated’ is one that talks about ‘When you have something, you have something to lose’ its use of synth and electro drums combine to make a truly inspiring song, one that makes you think that it holds more meaning than it wants to give away ‘we’re kissing through glass, I miss the shared space and companionship.’
Out of 10: 8/10

Significant Doubt:
‘Significant Doubt’ is my personal favourite; the combination of harp, synth and vocals in unison is a brilliant idea that pays off perfectly, also like the rest of the ‘Steady Sole’ the lyrics are written with the listener in mind, explaining details of a story which we all are grasping to hear ‘Staring into space again, but one day the day will come when, coughing up light pollution in your specific arch or time.’ These lines all have deeper meaning than they show on the surface, and this is a talent that is apparent throughout.
Out of 10: 10/10

After all of these brilliantly written songs the last ‘Perfume’ doesn’t disappoint, if anything it rounds up the Ep perfectly, its slower pace and mix of vocal harmonies ensures a song which talks about the mindlessness which you feel whilst in the heat of the moment ‘The scent of your perfume makes me miss the second floor, if my lips are the virus then your lips are the cure.’
Out of 10: 9/10

‘Steady Sole’ is unique in the way it sounds, there is something new and exciting in every single song, it’s really hard to find a weak point as each track contains something that is hard to find in many artists today. The lyrics discuss different stories and emotions that draw pictures and places which are captivating, the harmonies produced by various instruments and melodic vocals create a powerful sound, all in all ‘Steady Sole’ is a brilliant record and one that deserves recognition, and like all great artists Jeffrey Kino leaves us begging for more.

Jeffrey Kino – Steady Sole
Out of 10: 9/10

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Written by - Joshua Tanner