EP Review... Sunderbans - Wolf Heart EP

Relations between Sunderbans and label Club The Mammoth blossom this spring with the announcement of the band’s Wolf Heart EP due out on April 4th. The release succeeds the band's feature on Huw Stevens' Music Sounds Better With Huw VOL 2 compilation last autumn, and d├ębut 7" single We Only Can Because We Care released by Young and Lost and produced by Henrik Orrling of Swedish favorites Envelopes.

Inspired partly by the descent to insanity induced by the days and nights spent locked away in a Dalston cellar, the self-recorded and produced EP showcases the band's musical coming of age. From the sparse beginnings of Tall Trees the EP surges into life with title track Wolf Heart, where guitar and bass riffs meander to a breathless crescendo. Artrocker Magazine describes a ‘developing melancholia alongside some twisting guitar lines that Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd would enjoy...we want more’.

Tall Trees:
A gentle track that graces your ears with warm vocals and a tingling feeling going up your back, this song is amazing in every sense of the word, from the vocals to the light drums and to the rather beautiful guitars.
Out of 10: 8/10

Wolf Heart:
As the title track of the EP, you would think that this is what their sound is all about, and it is. This track has a faster intro but then calms down to provide us with the same as the above, but with a more urgent sound to it. I really do think this track is brilliant!
Out of 10: 9/10

The slowest of the lot, but this doesn't mean it's the worst, how can you improve on perfection, Sunderbans can! Although the guitar reminds me of the music for the Tube TV show (which by the way I loved), they still manage to pull more than the one rabbit out of the hat an provide yet another stunning track!
Out of 10: 9/10

A tinkling of guitars and vocals greet you into this track as they continue with their stunning song writing and musicianship. This is such a way to end to an epic EP, and yes epic is an appropriate word, only to be used when necessary, and it is. This has been a joyous EP to listen to and this track just caps it off for me!

Sunderband - Wolf Heart EP
Out of 10: 8.8/10

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