Single Review... Ideals - Reflections

A standard Tuesday waiting around for the evening and what happens? Ideals suddenly release a FREE download of 'Reflections' An utter surprise and a lovely track to listen to on quite a dull day in Cambridge.

I remember hearing this track way back in January when they headlined the Haymakers in Cambridge, still it lingered in my mind as one of those tracks always does, you can't remember much but when you hear the studio version you just get bowled over!

Catchy hooks, riffs, pulsating bass lines and the drummer working so hardly make this track become one with Andrews catchy lyircs.

"And if he looks in the mirror and sees a reflection
Of a boy on the path to redemption"
They seem to be getting better and better as time goes on by, this song (so far) is the jewel of the crown in their collection of songs... for now maybe? I think this can be one of their tracks that stands the test of time, much like 'Lungs' which I still listen to and will always love.

Ideals - Reflections
Out of 10: 9/10

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Ideals - Reflections