Track of the week... Ideals - Reflections

Catchy hooks, riffs, pulsating bass lines and the drummer working so hardly make this track become one with Andrews catchy lyrics. It is hard to see what this young band from London can do wrong! One hit after another, after another! They know what the masses want and provides it to them in the form of catchy music!
"And if he looks in the mirror and sees a reflection
Of a boy on the path to redemption"
They seem to be getting better and better as time goes on by, this song (so far) is the jewel of the crown in their collection of songs... for now maybe? I think this can be one of their tracks that stands the test of time, much like 'Lungs' which I still listen to and will always love.

I really do hope Ideals become one of those big bands that we all love and follow! I know they deserve the recognition they truly deserve, and it would be a crying shame if they don't become big. They are currently on tour all over the UK at the moment so why not check them out!

11th - Milo, Leeds
12th - Cafe Drummand, Aberdeen
15th - The Corner House, Cambridge
16th - The Crypt, Norwich
21st - The LP, Bury St Edmunds
23rd - Leadmill, Sheffield
26th - Shoreditch House, Shoreditch, London

Ideals - Don't Tell Anyone
Ideals - Forever Leisure
Ideals - Reflections