Track of the week... Morning Parade - On Your Shoulders

This track starts as any other Morning Parade song, with the word anthem thrown upon it! The guitar (think the start of 'Ares' by 'Bloc Party') and Steve build the tension up at the beginning, then a tumbling guitar comes in and the track gains body, the drums kick in and the synths then become apparent as everything comes together... WHAM.

The build up then drops into this madness of joyous sound, you are treated with brilliant guitar work and technical drumming, if you are lost in the music no problem, I am, its stunning. When the chorus kicks in it is better than you would think considering this WON'T be on the album. Why the label thought this may not be good enough is beyond me!

The second verse then kicks in and it becomes even more than an anthem, this my friend should be a number one song! The only downside about this track was it is only on 7" vinyl only and download from their newsletter. But I have a 7" rip on my soundcloud account you can listen to below. So there we have it, another 'Monday Morning' (pun) and another out-standing 'Track of the week'

Morning Parade - On Your Shoulders (7" Version) by It's All Indie

Morning Parade - On Your Shoulders (Fan Video)