Track of the week... Peace - Bblood

Relativity unknown to me until a couple of days ago, Peace is a young Indie-Rock band from the Midlands. They have such a great sound, imagine Tropical-Rock with a dash of Math-Pop, that is Peace. The track is entitled 'Bblood' (yes with two 'B's). You can also thank Will Crosby for leading me in the right direction for this weeks track.

The track starts off with a fade in of pure noise, then it gives way to astonishing guitars similar to the old sound of Foals, not that I am trying to compare but this is the easiest way for you guys to understand the sound. The vocals are so soulful, and the backing vocals give you goosebumps when listening to it, after the 'ooo' and 'ahhs' have gone they give way to the guitars again, and oh joy! This is really fun to listen to! You can really hear the bassist and drummer playing their hearts out on this track as it is so technical! I think you would have to be hard pressed not to like this. Seriously guys! WOW!