Track of the week... Wu Lyf - Dirt

Manchesters anonymous Wu Lyf just posted a video for their latest song 'Dirt' last week which drops their album title, 'Go Tell Fire To The Mountain', in its lyrics. The track is expectedly epic, with obscure screams that only rival one of my favourite tracks from them 'Heavy Pop.' Wu Lyf are one for doing things slightly different to others. Good thing the music is quality. As proven with this weeks 'Track of the week' the song was recorded in a church, the natural ambiance creates such a great feel to the song.

'Go Tell Fire To The Mountain' is undoubtedly one of the year's most anticipated releases, both for true believers and cynics who want to see if the band can actually meet the hype. Wu Lyf's own label, Lyf Recording, will release the album on will June 14th, preorder it on from any decent music site. Take a look at their YouTube channel for more goodies and teasers for the upcoming album.

Wu Lyf - Dirt
Wu Lyf - Heavy Pop