Single Review... The Naked & Famous - Girls Like You

New Zealand's hottest property release the third single from their critically loved LP 'Passive Me, Aggressive You.'

Girls Like You:
A propulsive track sailing on a sea of wistful melody and burbling synths, it slowly builds into an anthemic sing-a-long which manages to be sad and uplifting at the same time. Power pop that brings on the tingles in the spine in wave after wave. This Six minute epic song isn't very radio friendly but when it is played live the fans know they are in for a wall of synths.
Out of 10: 8/10

Bright Lights:
On the album it is the closing song, but as a single you skip everything and then get a B-Side, which I have still yet to listen to because my record player is broken. But I am sure it is brilliant. If anyone has an MP3 of the song in question please let me know about it.
Out of 1o: ??/10

The Naked And Famous - Girls Like You by Posh Magazine

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