Track of the week... The Agitator - Say No!

The Agitator is one of the most exciting live acts to emerge in recent times with a storming set and an irrepressibly infectious energy that has to be experienced. It’s like nothing else you’ll see this year. Say NO!’, the third single from political and musical activist The Agitator. As we brace ourselves for a year of inevitable unrest, discontent and protest at the extreme government cuts that will affect us all, there could not be a more appropriate soundtrack from a more relevant and timely artist. There’s been a lot written recently about the marches, riots and the lack of any musical voices to accompany this turbulent new era. Well, The Agitator is definitely emerging as the chief contender for this crucial role.

ast summer The Agitator launched a campaign based on a simple idea: NO!-ism. Say NO! to all that’s gone viciously wrong with the present political and economic system. They believe the present disastrous policies can be reversed if it is made plain how many of us are angry and ready to voice their discontent loudly, scrawling the simple exclamation, NO!, across the nation’s walls and consciousness. The Agitator certainly wouldn’t take all the credit, but there’s no doubt the word has been increasingly filling the nation’s media over the past few months. Something big is definitely starting to happen out there.

The Agitator - Say NO!


The Agitator - Say No! (Cutline Remix)