Track of the week... New Ivory - A Knight

What happens when an American label takes on an English rock band from London? Magic! That's what happened with Bloc Party and that is what certainly is happening with New Ivory. They are a three piece band who provide catchy hooks and pulsating riffs, Their new track 'A Knight' has such an infectious sound, they combine synths, fast pace drumming, heavy guitar riffs and wonderful melodies into something that everyone can love.

Like I mentioned earlier they are from London and are currently on tour in North America doing the rounds on the venues there. They’ve just hit the studio to record their first complete album which is going to be released by the end of 2011. New Ivory is from remote parts unknown to the soul, from past to present sounds of distorted countenance-reflected from thoughts and emotions.

New Ivory - A Knight With A Sword Killed His Own Son by DimMakRecords

New Ivory - A Knight (Audionite Remix)Link