Interview... with Bloc Party

Today I chatted to Russell Lissack, not the everyday chat now is it! He tells us about what he has been getting up to, what he is listening to and more important questions such as if Bloc Party will return... will they? Read this and it'll tell all!

How has the hiatus been treating you? I understand you have been the busiest, touring with ASH, helping produce Heavenstamps album, releasing the Pin Me Down album and remixing under the moniker of 'Co-Pilots'. You do like to keep yourself busy, but what has been the best part of your hiatus so far?
Well obviously it's been nice to be home, after 5 or 6 years solid touring. So i managed to get a puppy, he's keeping me busy.

It's hard to pick a favourite out of the projects you mentioned, but touring with Ash was a childhood dream come true. And we got to visit South Africa, which was another amazing experience in itself.

Are you saving something special for the next Bloc Party release? And also as the speculation increases (to when you are to return) are you urged to do a 'sudden release' similar to Intimacy?
As you say, it's all speculation at this stage.

As one of the best guitarists in one of the best bands, do you listen to any music in the same genre? And what have you been listening to recently?
Thanks! I go through phases of listening to different types of music. I've been trying to listen to more guitar music of late, but it's a real struggle to find much that motivates me. A few bands i like recently are Bombay Bicycle Club, Art vs Science, Crystal Castles, The Naked and Famous and Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

I just love hearing 'Positive Tension' when you are playing live, what is your favourite track to play live?
It's been a while now! The songs that get a big reaction like Banquet and Helicopter are always fun to play, whereas songs like Hunting for Witches are more of a guitar work out.

You do seem to have such a distinctive sound, Out of curiosity how many guitar pedals do you have?
Too many? I may need to cut down, it's out of control. It was nice to really simplify things when playing with Ash.
I guess i have around 30 if we don't count duplicates.

As you and Bloc Party have been in the public domain for a long time, evolving from a Post-Punk/Indie-Rock megaforce to a dance orientated powerhouse, will you be reverting back to the 'old' days or will you be pushing forward the boundaries and creating something new?
It's really too soon to describe how things sound at the moment, things are just ideas in my head and rough sketches. I think we've always been about doing something different and not resting on our laurels, that doesn't hold any interest for me.

I remember talking to you at Rough Trade on Record Store Day 2010 about playing a B-Sides only show one time, will you ever consider playing JUST B-Sides for a whole show? (At least it'll stop people shouting out 'Skeleton'!)
Personally, i'd be more than happy to do that if the opportunity presented itself. Obviously the forum for that would be some kind of intimate fan club only show, but i think it's always important to take the time to give back to your fans.

So what's next for Mr Lissack, More ASH? Pin Me Down 2nd album or another project?
Let's just say i'm working on something at the moment.

(Sorry I couldn't resist) Will Bloc Party ever be back? This is the biggest question I've ever had to ask, and for millions of people this could make their week!
Bloc Party WILL be back, but I don't have an exact date so please redirect all questions to our manager :)
Big big thanks to Russell for letting me ask these questions, he is a top guy so if you have a twitter do follow him (link below). More good news in in the last soundcloud link (which was recorded at their penultimate gig in October 2009)

Bloc Party - Sunday (Rough Cut)

Isn't that right Matthew!