Introducing... Dive Bella Dive

Dive Bella Dive are a new Punk/Dance band from London signed to Island Records - the label that introduced U2, Amy Winehouse, Pulp and Bombay Bicycle Club, and their influences range from bands such as The Cure, The Clash and The Strokes. Coming together with backgrounds from Peterborough and Worcester to Seattle in the USA, they are also known for innovative for example home built synth guitars. So this may well just be a super-group in hiding... Imagine the children of The Cure and The Clash!

Dive Bella Dive combine their powerful vocals with great guitar riffs and hooks. They have just put up their very first track - A home demo so don't judge it - called 'Spend The Night Living (And I'll Ne'er Return)' and it's a rush of Punk combined with Dance and Rock elements. If I were you I'd keep an eye on them, with the record label Island backing them they will be big in 2012!

Dive Bella Dive - Spend The Night Living (And I'll Ne'er Return) (Home Demo)