Single Review... WhiteMoor - Who We Are

Released 17/8/11 on Sound-Hub Records, 'Who We Are' is WhiteMoor’s eagerly awaited third single, coming off the back of what has become a critically acclaimed d├ębut album. The Derby quartet has whipped up something magical again with this epic, uplifting summer anthem.

With hints of Synth drizzling the summery track WhiteMoor have kept this track close to their chests, until now. It's a fun, yet urgent track to listen to. With a subtle sound of Brit-Pop they have recorded a track designed for everyone. Dancing, swirling, chiming guitars, silky smooth strings and heart felt lyrics bring the Brit-pop feel of this record into the 21st century together with an immense stadium sound.

WhiteMoor - Who We Are
Out of 10: 8.5/10