Gig Review... Fenech-Soler @ The Cresset, Peterborough, 20th September 2011

It isn't a well known fact that Fenech-Soler hail from the 2nd city of Cambridgeshire... But they do! Their home-coming show was packed, with friends, fans, and even the next door neighbour (I kid you not) popping along to see the band take to the stage! They opened with the very electronicly enhanced 'Battlefields', with the oohs and ahhs lasting for what seemed like a life-time Ben suddenly popped like a balloon, dancing everywhere and singing his heart out! The punchy, deep and groovy synths proved to be a big hit with the crowd, certainly a great way to start the night! Next on the set-list was 'LA Love' which was initially a B-Side to 'Lies', this was a great track to sing along to, and even the band were enjoying themselves!

After the cracking openers it was the turn of one of their singles, 'Demons'.
"Hello old friend, the night is dark and I feel cold,
The sun is setting and I need to get out before it starts"
This was one of my highlights of the night as it proved to be one of the biggest songs, judging by the crowds reaction it was! A slower track was thrown into the mix after that stunning ear pleasing track. Ben turned towards his piano and I thought, oh 'Stone Bridge' is next, well not yet, 'Lies' was to come, but not before 'The Great Unknown' and 'Contender' came into the mix. With the latter having cowbells thrown into the mix, which I go crazy for (I don't know why, but I do!).

'Golden Sun' and 'Stop And Stare' were the last two songs of the night, or were they? The band have been 're-learning' an old track... any guesses? it was 'Airbrushed', the song featured as a B-Side on 'The Cult Of Romance' 12" (which I have) and also on their very first EP! This was a real treat, especially to me as I love their older stuff as much as their album songs.

After the show finished I hung around at the merchandise stand to buy a bag and a jumper... who did I run into... the whole band! I chatted to Ben and Daniel, who are both really kind gentlemen and took time to speak to me, I will be putting up excerpts of the chat I had with Ben alongside an interview I am hopefully going to have with him soon. This was indeed one of the best gigs I have ever seen, be sure to check them out!

Fenech-Soler played:

Fenech-Soler - The Cult of Romance (Combo Remix) by It's All Indie (Fred)