Introducing... Ten Bears

They been around for over a year now, maybe more but sadly I don't know much about their history, only about where they are destined! Their first single was released on East City Records called 'Braces', the song is for fans of MGMT and Phoenix, which can easily fit into Indie, Synth and Pop genres. They had a long hiatus from releasing any tracks and they are now back and bigger than ever!

The first track they have unleashed upon the blogosphere is called 'Out In The Avenues', this is a synth laden pop-rock nugget of perfection. Sam from the band said to me (about this track)...
"We didn't want to come back with anything until we had nailed it, and we're confident we have."
They have already started the free give-away with 'Fireheart', and based on that track and 'Out In The Avenues' I am sure they have achieved their goal! As one of the very first bands we covered I am pleased to see them come back with such a strong song. And what makes it better is that you can hear it below. They will be releasing a brand new track every week so make sure you 'like' them on facebook and follow their blog religiously!

OUT IN THE AVENUES by tenbearsmusic

Ten Bears - Fireheart