Introducing... This Many Boyfriends

This Many Boyfriends are a fun pop-rock band who like to play loud with the odd quiet moment thrown in. They are from the North of England and bonded over a shared love of playing pop music far too loud in rooms far too small. They have been through more line-up changes than The Fall before settling on the current one: Richard on lead vocals, Tom on bass guitar, Laura on drums, Dan on lead guitar and Pete on rhythm guitar and backing vocals.

They have already released an EP and a 7" single, both with amazing tracks on them. 'Young Lovers Go Pop!' is their signature track and is the 7" single too. I am having such a deja-vu moment here, they have the same feel as The Vaccines did before they got crazy big, and I can see the same happening to This Many Boyfriends too! If you listen to anything today, be sure to listen to 'Young Lovers Go Pop!', oh wait you can! Click the soundcloud stream below and dance your converse off!

Young Lovers Go Pop! by This Many Boyfriends