Un-Signed Mixtape: Sep/Oct 2011

Here is the 'Unsigned Mixtape' for September and October

I really do hope to give you more brilliant tracks :) Check back for more reviews, free MP3s and always be ready on facebook for something cool!

Who is on it? See below

Download [HERE]

1) Waves Of Joy - Golden Bridge (Demo)
2) Without Letters - Shelter Gone
3) Sunburns - Youth
4) Markas Palubenka - Love
5) The Firm - Cinta Abadi (Demo)
6) The Ratells - Phobia
7) Stray Kites - Mirror Talk
8) Alex Hallahan - Midnight Radio
9) Eisbær - So Genau
10) ALSO - So Long
11) The Lost Boys - Flowers
12) A Verbal Equinox - ...And When They Asked Me About The Blood On The Lockers, I Got A Little Nervous
13) Shy For Shore - Letters From Abroad