Gig Review... Bombay Bicycle Club @ Brixton Academy, London, 19th October 2011

The Brixton leg of the tour was the last stop of the A Different Kind of Fix UK tour. This was my forth Bombay Bicycle Club gig, the first being at KOKO back in 2009, then twice in 2010.

Opening with Shuffle and Your Eyes, two of the biggest songs off the new album, was obviously a winning choice as it got the crowd buzzing and dancing straight away. The 'rock out' on the last 30 seconds of 'Your Eyes' was a massive crowd pleaser and set up the next tracks nicely, the Indie tunes, 'Dust on the Ground' from 'I Had the Blues' and 'Bad Timing'.

I (along with the majority of the crowd) was happily surprised the boys played 'Open House' from 'The Boy I Used to Be' EP. Then Lucy Rose appeared and helped play a few slower placed songs from the new album and 'Flaws'. After swaying along to 'Ivy and Gold', the mood got an injection of energy with a personal favourite 'Evening/Morning' and then 'Beggars'.

The guys then played between the 'Blues' and 'Fix' albums, the 'I Had the Blues' songs were better received, such as 'Cancel On Me' and then the Academy moved as soon as that first note of 'Always Like This' played. Accompanied by a trumpet, Always was the highlight of the gig, seeing the boys faces light up when the crowd is singing away the chorus themselves, you can feel how overwhelmed they are. BBC ended the main set with an incredible 'Giantess'/ 'Emergency Contraception Blues' merger.

For the encore Jack come on alone to play a beautiful version of 'Still' on a piano. Then the rest of the group returned on stage for a brilliant ending to the night with 'What If'.

A 'Flaws'-less gig by the guys, it is amazing how far these they have come in the last 3 years. Bombay Bicycle Club put on a truly fantastic, perfect show every time, which keeps me coming back every year. Their hard work doesn’t seem to stop as they are announcing their next tour dates very soon.


Gig Review written by - Krystelle Kubicki