Gig Review... Theme Park @ The Guildhall, Gloucester, 24th Septemnber 2011

Theme Park has been one of those bands we have loved from the very beginning, from the off I loved 'Milk' and now I am really into them thanks to their last single - which we gave a rave review of by the way - 'A Mountain We Love/Wax'. They also hit up the Underground Festival as well as many of my favourite up-coming bands of the moment.

They kicked of their set with the amazing single 'A Mountain We Love', I am still not to sure what it was, the sheer beauty of the song, or the sound engineer but regardless, this song really stood out for me with jangly guitars and heavy bass notes. This got the crowd grooving along to the song straight from the off with the charisma from the frontman of the band. Next on the agenda was unreleased song 'Jamaica', I honestly can't remember it, but knowing there wasn't anything bad is a good thing right? After that was 'Milk' and 'Car Crash', I am going to focus on 'Milk' the most as it is one of their oldest songs, and the slower jam certainly proved to be a big hitter with me and my friends.

They ended up their set by playing 'Wax' (off their d├ębut single) and 'Two Hours', a great way to close the set and to give the young crowd something to ponder over, but what's to question, they were amazing live, especially this was their third gig as 'Theme Park'

Theme Park played:
A Mountain We Love
Car Crash
Two Hours

A Mountain We Love by Theme Park