Track of the week... I Heart Sharks - Neuzeit

Unlike many other bands in their genre, I Heart Sharks insist on playing everything live, and are celebrated for spearheading a new Indie music scene in Berlin and Germany. We have previously featured them on the blog and this time round they have a single and an album about to be released. A song that'll be on both is called 'Neuzeit'.

They've certainly come a long way since I heard their demos around a year ago. They have grown up with the song boasting some German lyrics as well as English - they are a Anglo-German band after all. The guitar rush in the middle of the chorus is simply amazing as the band embrace their influences and create a track that is set for the dance-floors. They've also recently supporting Friendly Fires in Germany, if I were them I'd be trembling, why? Because 'Neuzeit' is one nugget of Electro-Indie perfection.

I Heart Sharks - Neuzeit by UMusicPub_Germany