Single Review... Futures - Start A Fire

Futures are back with their first single off the new album, most of their fans would consider this their 3rd single, but under the label they're on at the moment this is their first official release. The first being the free release of 'Islands In The Sea' which we loved! This time round it's a package of 3 songs, 'Start A Fire', 'Speed Of Light' and an acoustic version of the title track.

Start A Fire:
It starts off with a Stereophonics sounding clunky guitar then gives way to a powerful guitar. Ants vocals then caresses the song with the pulsing bass in the background helping you love this track even more than you should. The chorus finally comes after 100 seconds of waiting. This is certainly a brilliant effort by the lads and it's nice to see putting off their UK tour paid dividends here, the production is astonishing!
Out of 10: 8/10

Speed Of Light:
The B-Side of the single, and to be honest, this can easily be a single all by itself. The opening drum beats sound a bit like the opening to 'Lamplight' by Bombay Bicycle Club, honestly! But then it gives way to a more Pop-Rock anthem rather than an Indie classic, but then when the chorus comes in you are thrown right back to the anthem billing. If this song doesn't make the album I would be very disappointed, but none the less it's a great song!
Out of 10: 8.5/10

Start A Fire (Acoustic):
I'm not a fan of bands releasing acoustic versions of songs on the same release as the full blown studio version. But Futures do a great job on making this feel like a completely different song, the original for listening on the road with the volume whacked up and this version for those lazy Sunday afternoons.
Out of 10: 7/10

Futures - Start A Fire (Single)
Out of 10: 7.3/10

Futures - Speed Of Light by It's All Indie (Fred)