Gig Review... The Chevin @ Wembley Arena, London, 17th December 2011

One thing I do love about seeing White Lies is the amazing opening acts they provide, we've seen Post War Years, Wild Beasts and Active Child grace the stage before the Ealing lads came on. And today wasn't any different. The Chevin are a Leeds based that play a wonderful mix of Acoustic, Folk, Alternative and with dashes of Post-Punk riffs.

I was standing outside the doors for the floor inside the arena when this band were doing their final sound-checks, and event thought it was muffled by my friends chatting, the vendors selling beer and the many doors between me and them it sounded ace! So when they emerged from the shadows you they blew me away with the opening track. I'm sure the song was 'Menwith Hill' and then it was 'Blue Eyes', the lead singer commanded the crowd with these first two songs and grabbed their attention from the get go. They played a solid set and were given an amazing farewell from the crowd, I especially was impressed and I thought that they more then deserved it! I also picked up their EP after the show, and for £5, six tracks is well worth it, considering the sheer quality of the songs. I think I've found a new band to get crazy over!