News: Bloc Party recording new material

Yet to be officially announced, but, Bloc Party seem to be recording in James Iha's studio. He is best known as having been a guitarist and co-founder of the alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins. It seems that the four-some from London are taking this slow this time round, the last time they took an album slow was when they released their d├ębut recording 'Silent Alarm' and I'm sure we all know how good that was!

I can see a Banjo in this picture (above) and I hope that they don't go down the 'Folk' route, it would not suit any of their playing styles at all. But last week Russell tweeted
"Did write a guitar solo inspired by an NYC fire engine though."
I do hope they let him free on this album and doesn't get restricted to using his Guitar live, yes 'Signs' is an amazing song, but I can't help what the album version would sound like if it had the guitar at the forefront and not synths.