News: Stream and Download Matthew CH Tong - 'Into The Middle Distance' Here

The drummer from Bloc Party has provided his fans with yet another golden nugget. The song is just about one hour old and already I've downloaded it, listened to it too much and now love it! You can only hear Matt do backing vocals on just a few Bloc Party tracks, but I'd love to see him do more backing vocals.

This is his 8th 'Solo' track since we first started to see his material surface just over a year ago on the 'Hilarious Consequences' soundtrack compilation CD. This has seen him literally unleashed and produce some amazing tracks, such as 'Into The Middle Distance' and 'Big Love' (a cover of Fleetwood Macs hit track), not to mention his (almost) Post-Hardcore track 'God Is Great', with 8 tracks so far done, I would love to see him release this as an album, but what will the future hold? Just wait and see!

Link Into the Middle Distance by Matthew C H Tong