Sounds of 2012 - #5 - Ideals

Need we introduce them to you? We have featured them an awful lot over the past 12 months, and for good reasons too! Ideals have been one of our tips for 2011, and they are now set to be also in our tips for 2012 list no thanks to their astonishing EP! The quartet from London/Ipswich have been holed up on the studio for the past few months and the outcome is this... you can read it here. We gave the EP a 9.1/10, which is one of the best ratings we've ever given away! You need to seriously buy the EP once you get your Christmas money!

I really do hope Ideals become one of those big bands that we all love and follow! I know they deserve the recognition they truly deserve, and it would be a crying shame if they don't become big. You can go on and check out their other songs that we have reviewed simply by clicking this link. Also you can check out a couple of interviews we have done with the band!

Ideals Altar by Ideals