Sounds of 2012 - #6 - Coasts

So were at 5th post in our countdown of bands that'll define 2012, and today it's the turn of Bristol based Tropical-Indie band Coasts. They've had an amazing year supporting the likes of Trophy Wife and Jonquil only after a few months after they announced that they've signed their record deal with Norwich based label 'Intruder'. We've already heard a few of their demos when they were masquerading under their old name and they sounded great, but not as great as their new tracks, one in particular called 'Echoes', they've already got that recorded and it's now doing the rounds on youtube and on the blogs too!

We caught up with them at The Nest in Dalston (London) last month and we were clearly blew away with their musicianship, you can read the review here. Every song is unique in it's own way, with the commanding vocals echoing off the walls and making everyone in the venue turn and admire their skills. With an EP in the pipeline and maybe an album too be sure to give them a listen before they get too big!

Coasts - Breathe
Coasts - Drum Song