Sounds of 2012 - #9 - Fixers

After getting the free download of their début track 'Amsterdam' around March time of this year I've been really intrigued by this band. Their psychedelic and experimental take on Tropical-Indie guitar based music is a niche that had not been explored until this funky Oxford based band came into being.

So far this year they've released two 7" singles and two 10" EPs, with lots of music already out there to listen to you'd be hard pressed not to find some of their tracks catchy. The latest offering is one of their oldest tracks 'Majesties Ranch' which has been re-reocrded for the latest EP, and it sounds amazing! And even their older music is amazing, they re-released their old 3 track EP that was sold at their gigs in 2010 free, and it's available just at the bottom of the post. With a début album coming at last in 2012, they hype is already starting to gain some momentum, especially since the last EP has got so many rave reviews. Keep a close eye on this band, we'll be following them very closely in the coming year!

Swimmhaus Johannesburg by Fixers.

Fixers - Surf Wax E.P (March 2010/Self Released)