Bombay Bicycle Club aiming for 'Heavier' new direction

Speaking to NME in this weeks issue (14th Jan 2011), Jamie MacColl (Guitarist) hints towards their new sound. Since releasing 'I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose' in 2009, they've released two more full LPs since, 'Flaws' in 2010 and 'A Different Kind Of Fix' in 2011. Jamie said "We'd like to put another record out in the next 12 months", but it does seem like it'll be an early release for 2013 rather than a late 2012 release it's exciting to think that by this time next year we will have another BBC album right around the corner.

He also went on to say that they have a guitar riff already written that is "A monster, and another one that sounds very electronic and poppy". After releasing a Reggae version of 'Lights Out, Words Gone' I wouldn't put it past them to go in yet another new direction. As a fan of their first album, I've literally grew up listening to them, so any new sound would be warmly welcomed from me, as I can see them making the new sound work.

bombay bicycle club-lights out words gone by laxmasmusica

Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This (POWERMODE Remix)