Introducing... Ivory Seas

This year brings a whole host of fresh talent, and this band has got it all! They are a four piece based in London and they sound like the perfect balance of Wild Beasts and Chapel Club. Post-Punk Revival with a hint of Shoegaze for good measure. One of their first shows is playing the Artrocker/POPULAR Festival on the 12th Jan with The History Of Apple Pie and Young*Husband.

They only have one track finished at the moment and it's called 'Boundary' and this song has a pulsing bass in the background and guitars tingling away in the foreground. This is yet another track to fall in love with, as I am sure this band will eventually spawn into something bigger. They've even got Wild Beasts producer 'Richard Formby' to produce their track for them, with more songs in the pipeline!

For fans of // Wild Beasts, Chapel Club, Flashguns