The Killers announce a new album for 2012

The Killers have said they will "definitely" be releasing a new album in 2012 around late summer. Singer Brandon Flowers told BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe that the band had already recorded some songs, including a track called 'Battleborn', but fans will have to wait until at least the summer to hear it. The Las Vegas band haven't released an album since 2008's Day & Age, though fans were able to get Brandon Flowers solo album in 2010 which ultimately flopped compared to his other work in The Killers.

Referring to the band's first two albums, he added: "We're not so much looking to go make some drastic change or throw a curveball, I think the consensus in the band is to take the things that we've done well and just really home in on that, we don't want to make 'Hot Fuzz Two', or 'Sam's Town Two', but maybe take the best of all of it and really do what we know how to do."

The Killers by mastermedia

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