Track of the week... The Chevin - Champion

We've already posted about The Chevin before, and for good reasons too! The Chevin are a Leeds based that play a wonderful mix of Acoustic, Folk, Alternative and with dashes of Post-Punk riffs. The 'Track of the week' this week is the opening track off their EP, 'Champion'.

The track opens with riffs and vocals echoing all over it, the chorus is probability one of the best to sing along to. "oooh, I'm your favourite son, I'm a champion, oh and the fire and sun, oh the loaded gun, I'm a champion, fire and sun". There is a sense of urgency with the chorus, with it being the opening track to their d├ębut it's a great way for you to get to know them. We first heard about them after we saw White Lies at Wembley Arena, and it's safe to say, we've been in love with them since!