Track of the week... Sound Of Guns - Remember The Empire

Sound Of Guns have recently released their EP entitled 'Silicon', it's effectively a warm up for their fans ahead of their second album. 'Silicon' will feature on their up-coming album but one of the B-Sides on the EP that I've become very fond of over the past week has been 'Remember The Empire'

It has such a drive in the choruses, mainly commanded by the Vocals of Andy and the rest of the band providing the solid wall of rock for him to sing along to. They have crafted some amazing riffs in this song, some great lyrics and the breakdown around towards the end of the song is pure genious! Just when you think that's it, the song slows down and nearly stops they grab you and give you that pulsating chorus once more before ending. How this ended up as a B-Side I have no idea, I just hope they play it live, I'd love to see this sometime!