Daily Download... Bloc Party - The Marshals Are Dead (Live at Reading Rivermead, 30th October 2009)

Excuse me for going a bit over the top with all of the Bloc Party news, but they were the reason I started up this blog in the first place. Anyway, today is the turn of a live bootleg, this was recorded on their penultimate 'Bloctober' show in 2009, before the tour started Kele said that they'd play songs that they normally wouldn't put into setlists, such as 'Compliments', 'Little Thoughts', 'Skeleton', 'Tulips' and 'The Marshals Are Dead'. Now we were nearly at the end of their set and I thought I'd throw up a request... guess what! They played it! This song was their first as Bloc Party, played at their second from last show. And now it's yours to get for free!