Gig Review... Two Door Cinema Club, Metronomy, Tribes, Azealia Banks @ 02 Academy, Birmingham, 18th February 2012

This tour was a complete sell out for good reason. NME presents promising artists in a mini festival esque fashion, with Two Door Cinema Club headlining the evening. As well as headlining the tour they are heavily rumoured to be headlining the NME stage at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festivals. The queuing crowd were buzzing outside as Tourist History was blaring as you entered the O2 Academy.

Azealia Banks kicked off the evening and really got the crowd going. She waltzed around the stage with attitude singing hits such as ‘212’ and ‘Slow Hands’. The small intimate academy really exploded when she merged into her single ‘Fire starter’ from ‘212’. Although not to everyone’s taste I think she pulled off a slick set. After being named NME’s coolest person of 2011, I was not disappointed.

Shortly after, the London four piece, Tribes came on to stage with a blur of blue lights accompanying them. After playing a number of festivals last summer the crowd were eager for them to play their recently released debut album 'Baby'. The acoustics of the venue didn’t quite seem to match Tribes' tone. Feely rather underwhelmed with few songs that got the onlookers going, I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth. They lacked confidence and the stage presence to impress, they seemed static and nervous.

Metronomy sent the crowd ballistic as electronic riffs of ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Everything goes my way’ filled the air. They jumped around stage with round glowing lights hanging of their top buttoned shirts as the crowd jumped around equally as much. This was more like it. They pumped slick tune after tune from ‘The English Riviera’. Their experimental and somewhat quirky sound resonated around the O2 with sub-bass making you quiver as well as perfectly mixed vocals. Their sound seemed to be reminiscent of early Crystal Castles; it was polished and expertly pulled off. I highly recommend them live. Definitely keep an eye on them in the future.

Finally the act the whole crowd had been waiting for. ‘Cigarettes in the theatre’ got the crowd singing along as Two Door Cinema Club materialized on stage. The entire audience started jumping around (how could you not?) and forming mosh pits everywhere imaginable. Electronic upbeat rhythms followed as the venue pulsated. Alex was overwhelmed by every lyric being sang by each and every audience member. The crowd were mesmerized by the tracks that followed from ‘Something Good Can Work’ and ‘Eat That Up, It’s Good For You’. They sneaked in some fresh material from their upcoming album which seemed as explosive as the last with hint more maturity. I can’t wait for them to finish in the studio. They finished the excellent night off with an encore consisting of ‘Come Back Home’ followed by ‘I Can Talk’. A definite highlight of the night was made when lyrics of ‘I Can Talk’ flashed up on golden light display surrounding the stage. The crowd were enthused and needed no prompting to chant the backing vocals. This simple but effective bit of lighting left all those involved on a high as everyone dispersed.

Written by - Tom Bray

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