Single Review... Fixers - Iron Deer Dream

This single is virtually a re-make of two of their biggest singles, 'Iron Deer Dream' is the single they released on the Young And Lost Club label, and 'Swimmhaus San Diego' is a re-model of their stunner 'Swimmhaus Johannesburg' but just change a few bits around and there you go!

Iron Deer Dream:
'Iron Deer Dream' is a a fantastic song, the intro is slow and gains body as it progresses, the tumbling echoing vocals by singer 'Jack' comes in and synths come over the top to provide a anthemic effect. Then the guitar rush comes in and I fell in love with it. The new version just captivates you and wins you all over again! Synths, Guitars and wonderful vocals, you need to buy this!
Out of 10: 9/10

Swimmhaus San Diego:
With classic piano house lines, startling guitar bursts, echo-drenched vocals and a thrilling 4/4 beat. It's pop music in its most bold and forward-thinking sense. Such is their array of influences, Fixers sound never stands still, it's a combination of sonic adventure and their. Fixers create something modern and fresh, and that is exactly what this visionary Oxford-based band embodies. This version sounds a bit more 80's than their last attempt at the song, but overall I'd say it's a great improvement!
Out of 10: 8.5/10

Fixers - Iron Deer Dream (Single)
Out of 10: 8.3/10

Fixers - Surf Wax E.P (March 2010/Self Released)