Friday's Finest - 2nd March 2012

It's another Friday, so that means round 2 of the battle between two blogs! This week we pitch up with Chaser and Peace, and Slate The Disco has come with Bos Angeles and Born Blonde. Remember to go onto our facebook and let us know who has the best duo!

Bos Angeles – 'You're The One That I want': (Slate The Disco)

The lo-fi ramshackle Bournemouth trio who go by the name of Bos Angeles were easily one of our favourite bands of last year. Emerging with a melancholic surf pop sound the trio have popped up with some awesome new tracks today. FYI the 'You're The One That I Want' track that we’ve picked as our favourite is not a cover of the Grease song, which is a shame, but we got over it because this offering is pretty bloody swell.

Chaser – Somebody Else (Demo): (It's All Indie)

With the right amount of guitars, vocal attitude and synths they've fashioned an anthem that'll get them the recognition they deserve. This song can REALLY can be a future hit as it's got everything a great track needs, and that's something the majority of other bands haven't got, a niche. With Piano keys, warming synths and ice cool vocals, this track is just so enticing!

Born Blonde – 'I Just Wanna Be': (Chosen by Slate The Disco)

We've got a lot of love this Friday for the new Born Blonde single, 'I Just Wanna Be'.
Sparking a sound that both harks back to 60s psychedelia as well as mid-90s shoegaze with a tinge of Britpop, all signs lead to a brilliant album, which is due later.

Peace - Follow Baby

Peace a band that we've fell in love with have released a brand new track called 'Follow Baby', it sounds like what would happen if Klaxons went back to 2007 and recorded with The Horrors. This track has it all, great choruses, melodies and a stunning after presence; I've been humming this track ever since I heard it!

Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (Joint Pick)

Slate The Disco